Our Navy Boot Camp Guide, written by two Recruit Division Commanders (Navy Drill Instructors), is 140 pages of in-depth information.  Wouldn't you rather go to boot camp prepared?  Read our introduction.

Our information comes from experience!  Get personalized first-hand information from Recruit Division Commanders on what Navy Boot Camp is really like.  

You'll get tips and advice from experts that have actually trained Navy Recruits at Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes.  See our FAQ's section.
Launching an F-14 and a Navy Seal Team

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Over 140 pages of the most detailed and comprehensive boot camp information available.  Anywhere!
Navy uniform folding guidelines - know them before you go.  Only we have this information!
First-hand information from experts that have actually trained recruits.
Unlimited access to our Members-Only Forum with over 1000 posts.  Chat with your peers and Navy personnel.
Unique insight.  We'll give you an inside look at Navy Boot Camp and how the RDC's train you.
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Need to know information and tips on every aspect of an enlistment - Boot Camp, A-Schools, and the Fleet.
Information on special programs, like Navy SEAL's, Navy Aircrew, Search and Rescue (SAR), etc...
Full email support with FAST replies from our experts to answer all your questions.
Free updated information to our Navy Boot Camp Guide.


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Joining the military is a life-changing decision.  Wouldn't you rather know all the facts?
We'll give you an idea of what Navy life is like...BEFORE you sign the contract.
Our Guide will prepare you for the Navy by letting you know what to expect and how you can EXCEL!
Our information will take some of the stress and uncertainty out of Boot Camp.
You'll be a better sailor by knowing, and avoiding, the mistakes others make.
You'll get advice and tips from two Recruit Division Commanders on how to be a TOP NAVY RECRUIT!
You'll enter Navy Boot Camp well ahead of your peers.  You'll succeed where they struggle.
You'll know if Navy SEAL, Aircrew, or Search and Rescue (SAR) training is for you.
We'll help you mentally prepare for the challenge ahead.
PLUS...You'll get plenty of tips and advice that we wish we had known about before we enlisted.

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